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ACTA Team BVBA Your partner in bookkeeping, accounting and taxation

Our vision: Growing together in confidence

The teamACTA Team BVBA is a family-owned company established in 1976 which boasts many years of experience and knowledge, and in which a solid bond of trust and a personal approach to each customer are top priorities.

In 2010, CDLK SPRL joined ACTA Team as a partner.

We aim to participate in the entire life of your company.

Whether through the performance of recurring tasks or tax advice tailored to your personal situation, our approach seeks to be comprehensive, from the starting-up of a new activity to the possible transfer of your company to a third party or to your children.

CDLK and the ACTA Team are there for you, at every stage. Would you like more information about what we do or who we are?

Confidence and reliability, hand in hand


  • BIBF (Belgian Institute of Accounting professionals and Tax Experts)-number: 70396233
  • Company registration number: BE-0418.514.814


  • IEC (Belgian Institute of Statutory Auditors and Tax Consultants)-number: 224116 3 F 11
  • Company registration number: BE-0832.259.406
Our services
  • Booking of accounting documents

  • General administration

  • BCE, VAT Registration, publication of mandates or amandements of the statutes in the MB.

  • Advice on accounting and administrative organisation

  • Presentation of the draft balance sheet (analysis and discussion of the balance sheet and its attachements – preparation of the annual general meeting for the approval of annual accounts)

  • Drafting and filing of annual accounts

  • Deposit at the Registry

  • Formalities related to fiscal obligations

  • Preparations of the tax forms (IPP & ISOC), VAT declarations and listings

  • Advocacy with fiscal authorities

  • Assistance in calculating management pay

  • Etablishing intermediary situations

  • Assistance and advice pertaining to corporate transformations, mergers, acquisitions

  • Due diligence services

  • Assistance and advice regarding incorporation

  • Assistance in drafting various contracts and conventions, such as rental agreement, financing and loans, etc …

  • Support in developing the management dashboard, replying to statistical requests – assistance with tax audits

  • Michel Coelenbier

    Michel Coelenbier


    Expertise: Certified in bookkeeping (IEC), recognised business advisor in Financial Accountancy & Tax Consulting, recognised bookkeeper and tax consultant IEC 9167 2 N.

    Our strength… lies with the speed, accuracy and professional expertise with which we offer ‘tailor-made’ support for every client. Apart from this sound bookkeeping service we also offer the know-how and experience to assist beginner entrepreneurs and help them build up their businesses.

    The key to success… lies in the customisation of our services and thinking actively together with the client over the long term. We are second to none in understanding the strength of a family business and the challenges it can face throughout the generations.

  • Tanguy de la Kethulle

    Tanguy de la Kethulle

    Partner in CDLK

    Expertise: Certified in bookkeeping (IEC), trainee accountant IEC 116 751

    Our strength… is in our customer focus. We support our clients in all their queries about how to run and expand their business.

    The key to success… lies in ongoing learning and our focus on continually expanding our client expertise. In this way we are able to maintain a bond of trust that allows us to think and work alongside our clients.

  • Jehanne Coelenbier

    Jehanne Coelenbier

    Manager and partner

    Expertise: Certificates in bookkeeping (CBC, Belgian College for Bookkeeping) and in taxation (ESSF, College for Tax Sciences), recognised bookkeeper and tax specialist BIBF 200546

    Our strength… is in the constant service, tailor-made and driven by our clients. My job in the ACTA Team is to maintain our reputation with the client as a proactive and reliable partner, by maintaining water-tight procedures and by strictly adhering to them.

    The key to success… in our vision is to continuously think alongside the client, looking beyond the tax years and sometimes even the generations, to deliver sound, legal advice that meets the needs of the client.

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